Taste of Summer


Taste of Summer

Posted on Thursday July 27, 2017 at 09:48AM

There is no charge for this event - we only ask that you give a donation.

Money raised this year will be put towards tables and chairs to be housed in a community events trailer. Trailer, chairs and tables to be administered by the Pigeon Lake Regional Chamber of Commerce.

The remainder of the money raised will go to the South Pigeon Lake Fire Department to help with the purchase of a ATV Side by Side to facilitate the transportation of a water pumping unit.

Last year, we had over 450 in attendance and raised over $14,575 in just three hours and fun was had by all!

We have over 12 families that have volunteered their time and money into supplying and serving a variety of delicious, sample-sized foods. Food portions are created small so that you can enjoy many different dishes offered!

100% of the money raised at this event will go towards the Pigeon Lake Regional Chamber of Commerce (community trailer equipped with tables & chairs) and the South Pigeon Lake Fire Department (purchase of an ATV Side by Side).

Come on out and support a great cause while enjoying delicious food, wonderful company & some good old fashion, summertime music.

Side Note: Guests are encouraged to bring their own tables and chairs. This will guarantee you a place to sit as a group, if you so choose. Please feel free to set up & decorate your table in any way you choose! Flowers, tablecloths, anything goes! Also, we will have a tent serving cold water and soft drinks.

Author: Pigeon Lake Regional Chamber of Commerce


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